Best Projectors For Outdoor Movies Under $500


Outdoor movie nights are a fun way to enjoy warm weather with family and friends. But finding an affordable projector bright enough for outdoor use can be challenging. In this guide, we reveal the top-rated outdoor projectors available for under $500 that will transform your backyard into an open-air home theater.

We’ll cover key considerations like brightness, resolution, built-in sound and video connectivity when choosing a projector for outdoor viewing. You’ll also discover specific models that offer excellent value and performance for outdoor movie nights.

Benefits of Outdoor Projection

Setting up an outdoor projector brings many advantages over just watching indoors:

Fresh Air Environment

Get the whole family outdoors breathing fresh air while being entertained. This also gives homes a break from high energy bills.

Immense Image Sizes

In a backyard or park, projectors can create huge 150 inch screens that feel like a commercial drive-in theater.

Ambient Light Resistance

Purpose-built outdoor projectors are designed to cast bright, vivid images even in some light pollution from neighboring buildings, street lights or moonlight.

Flexible Placement

Battery-powered pico projectors allow placing the screen virtually anywhere outdoors – not just near electrical outlets.

Movie Change-Up

The large expansive environment makes the viewing experience feel novel and different from the usual living room TV.

Social Experience

With space for lawn chairs and blankets, more people can comfortably gather for a shared community experience.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Projector

High Brightness

Look for models rated at least 4,000 lumens – more is better. This will counteract any ambient light and cast a clearly visible image.

Full 1080p Resolution

While more expensive, 1920×1080 resolution will ensure outdoor footage looks sharp, not pixelated and grainy when enlarged.

WiFi and Bluetooth

Wireless connectivity allows flexible placement away from routers. Bluetooth enables connecting external speakers.

Battery Power

Battery-powered pico projectors eliminate the need for outlets. Check runtimes; at least 2 hours is ideal for a full movie.

Investigate: Not all $500 projectors work for outdoor viewing. Carefully vet brightness, resolution and wireless capabilities to find optimal outdoor models at this price point.

Built-in Speakers

While not powerful, integrated speakers provide useable sound for personal viewing without added equipment.

Carrying Case

Look for a protective carrying bag or case to easily transport and store the projector when not in use.

Top-Rated Outdoor Projectors Under $500

After extensive evaluation, these models consistently rise to the top for delivering superb outdoor projection quality and reliability at a budget-friendly price point.

Anker Nebula Solar Portable

Step into a world of cinematic brilliance with the NEBULA by Anker Solar Portable 1080p Projector. Unveil an expansive 120-inch canvas of breathtaking 1080p entertainment that comes alive with HDR10 technology and 400 ANSI lumens.



LG’s competitively priced compact LED projector casts a 450 ANSI lumen 1080p picture. It offers wireless screen mirroring, 2.5 hour battery life, auto keystone and built-in TV tuner.


ViewSonic M2e

Weighing only 2.2 pounds, this 400 lumen WVGA (854×480) resolution projector includes a smart stand, Harman Kardon speaker and 3600mAh battery for cordless outdoor placement.


Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12

Epson’s reputable streaming HD laser projector offers ample brightness and flexible installation just inches from the wall or screen – great for improvised outdoor setups.


Auking Mini Projector

Auking’s highly affordable 480p mini projector includes 50 lumens, a tripod, HDMI input and 90” projection capability for cost-conscious outdoor viewing.


Outdoor Projection Tips

Follow these tips to create the ultimate outdoor viewing experience with your budget projector:

Pick Your Location

Consider proximity to power, ability to hang a screen, potential light interference and seating layout.

Test During Daytime

Do a trial run before guests arrive to determine ideal placement, image size and focus in current ambient lighting conditions.

Level the Projector

For a square image, make sure the projector is placed on a flat, level surface and remains stable.

Adjust Zoom and Focus

Dial in the sharpest image focus and desired size based on screen distance using the projector controls.

Elevate the Projector

For ultra large images, elevate the projector on a secure platform or ladder to increase projection distance.

Use a Screen

Dedicated projection screens maintain flatness and enhance visibility compared to just projecting on a wall or sheet.

Bring Extra Cables

Have back-up power extension cords/strips, HDMI and ethernet cables in case longer runs are needed for placement.

Use a Cover

A weatherproof cover protects the projector from moisture when not in use.

Enjoy Movie Nights Under the Stars

High quality, purpose-built outdoor projectors make creating an amazing cinematic experience in your own backyard easy and affordable. Models from recognized brands including Anker, LG, ViewSonic and more ensure clear, vivid projection for memorable summer movie nights with family and friends – all for under $500.